Ixl Mililani High School (2024)

1. Mililani High School - IXL

  • Sign in to IXL for Mililani High School! Students will love earning awards and prizes while improving their skills in math and language arts.

2. Mililani Mauka Elementary - IXL

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  • Sign in to IXL for Mililani Mauka Elementary! Students will love earning awards and prizes while improving their skills in math.

3. IXL for high school

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  • Get a quote for a school license of IXL, a personalised learning platform that makes personalised learning simple for any school. Featuring a comprehensive curriculum and sophisticated data analysis, and backed by research, IXL is helping schools around the country achieve learning gains.

4. Find the best local Math tutor in Mililani High School - Wyzant

5. Technology Takeover: How Mililani Schools Use ... - Trojan Times

  • 7 feb 2019 · IXL is a math and language arts practice website for students in kindergarten to twelfth grade that has numerous topics for students to study. “ ...

  • Throughout the years, there have been many advances in technology, from Apple Macintosh computers to MacBook Airs, and from iPods to iPads, technology evolves everyday. These new technologies are being integrated into student’s curriculum . With new online reading, math, social studies and science learning programs, schools are able to utilize these programs to help...

Technology Takeover: How Mililani Schools Use ... - Trojan Times

6. Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish - IXL

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  • IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site. Used by over 15 million students, IXL provides unlimited practice in more than 6,500 maths and English topics. Interactive questions, awards and certificates keep kids motivated as they master skills.

Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish - IXL

7. [PDF] Mililani Mauka Elementary School - Hawaii DOE

  • 20 dec 2012 · In 1998 we became a. K-5 elementary school with the opening of Mililani Middle School. ... IXL math program. Goal #2: Ensure and Sustain a ...

8. Mililani Uka Blue Ribbon Award - Trojan Times

  • 7 feb 2019 · The Student News Site of Mililani High School. Trojan Times. Open ... So maybe moving away from KidBiz and IXL and some of the programs ...

  • Mililani Uka Elementary School has recently been designated a Blue Ribbon School for the 2018 school year. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program is meant to recognize public and private elementary, middle and high schools for academic excellence and progress in closing achievement gaps in students subgroups — needing to be in the top 15 percent...

9. [PDF] Mililani Waena Elementary School

  • 28 mei 2014 · May 23: Gr 1: Mililani High School, Miyashiro. May 23: 4th Qtr ... For grades 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, students use IXL Math (www.ixl.com) to.

10. [PDF] Presentation on impact of 2021-2023 fiscal biennium budget cuts on ...

  • 21 jan 2021 · iReady, IXL, Brain Pop, etc. which we used for distance and in ... MILILANI HIGH SCHOOL is projected to lose about $967,000 in WSF and.

11. the 5th grade

  • welcome to the 5th grade. Welcome to B1-A, Mrs. Sabado's classroom. Picture. Complex Fitness Day at Mililani High School 2/17 ... IXL · Home · Mrs. Sabado ...

  • Welcome to B1-A, Mrs. Sabado's classroom

the 5th grade

12. Inverglenscottishdancers - All About Everything

  • Ixl Mililani High School. Unit 1 Homework 2 Segment Addition Postulate Answer Key Pdf. Directions To 295 North. Lenovo Artificial Intelligence | Solutions. What ...

  • One of the methods to mine cryptocurrency is via software application and the mobile device’s processing capacity.It’s different because it’s readily available, has a wide range of uses, and requires little upfront investment. Crypto mining apps for iPhone and iPad users are pretty common these days...

Inverglenscottishdancers - All About Everything

13. [PDF] National Blue Ribbon Schools Recognized 1982-2018

  • 27 nov 2018 · Middle College High School – Santa Ana. Santa Ana. 2009, 15. Middle ... IXL Elementary School. Arkansas City. 2005. Jefferson Elementary ...

14. Sign In - IXL

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  • IXL is a maths and English practice tool for educators and families that adapts to a student's individual level of proficiency and includes achievement awards and progress reports. Non-members are always welcome!

15. The Literature and Learning Cache | Teachers Pay Teachers

  • ... Mililani High School: SMC 9th Grade Language Arts SMC 10th Grade Language Arts Mahone Middle School: 8th Grade Language Arts. Read more ...

  • Browse over 70 educational resources created by The Literature and Learning Cache in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Literature and Learning Cache | Teachers Pay Teachers
Ixl Mililani High School (2024)


Is IXL good for high school? ›

For high schoolers who want to rely less on help from adults, IXL enables them to learn independently. Students can sit in the driver's seat and propel their own learning forward with IXL's easy-to-use instructional resources!

How many questions are answered on IXL? ›

Kids have answered over 140 billion questions on IXL. IXL puts students in the driver's seat of their education with a personalized dashboard and resources for independent learning. IXL's workbooks have ranked in the top 200 bestselling books of all time and in the top 10 bestselling kids and teen math workbooks.

Does IXL have 9th grade math? ›

1,800+ 9th-12th grade math and ELA skills

These high school math skills provide full coverage for: Algebra 1. Geometry.

Why do teachers like IXL? ›

IXL is more than just a learning platform—it's a trusted companion for educators worldwide. From our innovative approach to personalized learning to our unwavering commitment to student success, IXL has become an indispensable tool in classrooms everywhere.

Is Khan Academy or IXL better? ›

IXL has a strong focus on math and language arts, while Khan Academy offers a wider range of subjects. Consider your learning style: If your child is a visual learner, then you may prefer Khan Academy's videos and articles. If your child is an auditory learner, then you may prefer IXL's games and quizzes.

What grade is 700 in IXL? ›

Grade level guide: 100 = 1st grade, 200 = 2nd grade, 300 = 3rd grade, 400 - 4th grade, 500 = 5th grade, 600 = 6th grade, 700 = 7th grade, 800 = 8th grade, and 900 = 9th grade. By clicking on the IXL image above or the word IXL, students will be forwarded to the log in page.

Why is IXL so infuriating? ›

Inadequate Feedback: While IXL provides immediate feedback on incorrect answers, it often lacks detailed explanations or alternative strategies for solving problems. This limits students' ability to learn from their mistakes and hinders their overall growth.

How stressful is IXL? ›

The program only grades students based on correct answers. According to CommonSense Media, parents have even gone as far as to review IXL, saying that the scoring system harshly punishes mistakes and leads to a ton of stress instead of academic comprehension.

How to get a 100 on a IXL? ›

Students will need to answer as many as 10 questions correctly in a row to achieve mastery. For most skills on IXL, students will have to complete a minimum of 28 questions to earn a SmartScore of 100. When a student achieves a score of 100 on IXL, you can feel confident that they have truly mastered that skill.

Why do schools still use IXL? ›

It has been especially valuable during distance learning. The personalized feedback from IXL allows teachers to progress monitor student growth during asynchronous learning, freeing up time for them to focus daily live synchronous virtual learning.

What grade is F in IXL? ›

Fourth grade is displayed as Level F.

Does IXL improve grades? ›

This study found that higher IXL usage leads to better performance. In both math and ELA, students scored better on the Keystone Exams when they reached proficiency in more skills on IXL. Using IXL with fidelity was also associated with better Keystone performance.

Is IXL good for ADHD? ›

Teaching students with ADHD, dyslexia and other learning differences requires a highly individualized approach. High school math teacher Barbara Knight found that implementing IXL Math and the Real-Time Diagnostic in her classroom was key in differentiating instruction for students with special needs.

What is better than IXL? ›

After thorough research and analysis, we believe that if you're looking for alternatives to IXL, Khan Academy, Time4Learning, Wiingy, Pearson Smarthinking, and Kumon, these are all great options to consider.

Which is better, Kumon or IXL? ›

IXL has a strong focus on math and language arts, while Kumon focuses on math and reading. Consider your learning style: If you are a visual learner, then you may prefer IXL's games and quizzes. If you are an auditory learner, then you may prefer Kumon's worksheets and workbooks.

What are the disadvantages of IXL? ›

One major drawback of IXL is its emphasis on repetitive practice rather than fostering deep understanding. The program often focuses on isolated skills without providing real-world context or opportunities for critical thinking.

Can IXL be used as a full curriculum? ›

IXL is open and flexible: You have access to our entire PK-12 curriculum and can adapt it to meet the needs of your unique classroom.

What age group is IXL for? ›

IXL offers comprehensive coverage of pre-K through 12th grade curriculum, with more than 10,000 skills aligned to the Common Core and all 50 state standards.

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